Complete buyer’s guide for Beer & Wine Products

Beer became important part of every one’s life. It will be consumed by most of the people every day. In every party beer will be served to friends and relatives. Many beer lovers drink beer at pubs and some people make and drink at home.

How to make beer at home?

Now a days many people preferring to brew beer at home. It gives great satisfaction and you can enjoy real taste of beer. You can make beer with and without kit. There are number of steps involved to prepare beer from scratch without kit.

If you are not a beginner, have patience and time to brew, then you can prepare beer without kit. But you have to buy raw materials separately. Some of the steps involved in beer making process are Sanitizing equipment, Mixing Malt Extract, adding hops, Chilling wort, Pitching yeast, fermenter, Fill, Cap and storing bottles. Check video guide to make beer at home.

Next we will discuss about brewing beer with kit.

Brew beer at home kit

Home brewing kit has all ingredients required for making beer at home. Brew starter kit is really useful for newbies. You will get all raw materials with kit and no need to go all local stores to buy individual items.

Some of the ingredients in the brewing beer equipment are Malted barley Extract, Yeast, Fermenter, Sanitizer, hops, Siphon with vinyl tubing, Beer Bottles, bottle capper, caps, and bottle filler, Hydrometer etc. Check article explaining best home brewery kits worth the money in 2020. Please note to clean the beer making equipment frequently.

Wort chiller

Wort chiller plays very important role in chilling wort to yeast friendly temperatures. The specialty of chiller is that it will cool the wort at 212 °F (100 °C) to temperature for yeast to rise is 95°F in minutes.

There are three types of wort chillers available in market they are plate type, counterflow and immersion type wort chiller. Plate type wort chiller helps to cool in ten minutes and will perform well , but little costly. If you are budget constraint, then go for immersion type which will take 20 to 30 minutes to chill. Check article explaining top 5 best wort chiller with reviews here.

Brewing kettles

Another important equipment in homebrewing is brewing kettle and useful to brew beer. They are also called Brew pots and are made from Aluminum and Stainless Steel. They are available in different volume capacities from 5 to 20 gallon and some of brew pots will have in-built thermometers are available. It is suggested to buy higher capacity brewing kettle keeping in future needs of home brewing. Read detailed post about choosing the best brewing kettles.

Best beer Growlers

Growlers are really useful if you carry beer and drink frequently. The specialty of growler is that it keeps carbonation and beer temperature without going bad for longer duration.

There are personalized or unique style growlers and available in different aesthetic colors. It is very important to choose best beer growlers to enjoy and carry beverage anywhere. Growler not only useful for storing beer but also for tea, coffee etc.


Kegerator is also called beer dispenser. It is used to store beer in keg and dispense with tap with pressurized carbon dioxide (CO2). There are some important things to consider while buying beer dispenser. Do not forgot to check best kegerator article which explains features and specifications required.

Remember that full size kegerator is little costlier compare to small version of keg dispenser. Check article on best small kegerator which has keg capacity of 5 liters. It is the small version of beer dispenser and can be carried every where. Even though there are number of brands and models of beer keg dispensers, there are cheap kegerator available in market.

There are dual zone, under counter, built-in, outdoor and commercial type of beer dispensers. Check kegerator reviews of customer who used for three years. Some of the well known brands of kegorator are Edgestar, kegco, nostalgia etc. Check kegco vs Edgestar kegerators comparison chart.

Wine Coolers

Wine cooler is also called wine fridge or refrigerator or chiller or cellar. It is used to store wine bottles of different sizes. They are available in different sizes like 15, 18, 24 inch etc in free standing, in-built, single and dual zone types of wine cellars. Check article about best wine refrigerator reviews by customer. These are useful to keep red and white wine bottles.

Wine making kit

Like brewing beer you can make wine at home with the help of kit. There are two types of wine making supplies. They are complete wine making kit which contains every equipment along with fruit extract recipe. The second type of wine maker starter kit contains all ingredients except fruit extract. You can buy fresh fruits in the market before you start making wine.

Best Beverage cooler

We like to drink beverages frequently while working, eating, playing etc. Choosing top beverage cooler is important to maintain precise temperature to beverages like soda cans, alcohol etc to enjoy real taste of it. Drinks fridge allows you to store different sizes of beer bottles in large number. Countertop and undercounter models are mostly used by the people.