5 Best Wort Chillers-5,10,15 gallon batches

If you are beer lover then home brewing gives great satisfaction and can produce a better looking and tasting brew while increasing convenience. Brewing of beer at home can be made simple and fast by using additional accessories or components. In that category, wort chiller plays critical role to cool down temperature quickly to save time in brewing process. Choosing the best wort chiller can take your brewing to new heights. After spending 46 hours for researching and testing number of chillers we come up with 5 top wort chillers.

We made buying process simple by reviewing each wort chiller by considering features, ratings, Pros and Cons in this article. Read complete guide to choose best home brewing starter kits. Do not forgot to check top selling wort chillers in Amazon. Click here to check immersion vs plate vs counterflow wort chiller comparison.

What is the best wort chiller to buy for homebrew ?

Homebrew Immersion Wort Chiller is the best choice if you are beginner to intermediate home brewer. But if you brew huge beer with advance setup then Blichmann Therminator  is the great choice to buy. This is the top quality wort chillers among all brands in market.


Wort chillers comparison chart

Top rated Wort chillers Reviews

Read the reviews of each chiller for wort given below. Click here to read Homebrew Immersion Wort Chiller review.

Super Efficient 3/8 x 50′ immersion Wort Chiller-NY Brew Supply

This super efficient copper immersion wort chiller made in USA offers faster cooling for 5 to 15 gallon bigger batches. 12′ of vinyl tubing can be modified as per your needed length for input and output tubes.You will get high quality metal hose adapter and stainless steel hose pipe clamps allows you to adjust within the coil space and height.It is provided with 24″ height to top bend of chiller which is enough to fit to lip of a Keg Kettle. It weighs 15 pounds, 24″ total height and 9″ diameter of coil.


  • Chills wort temperature down to pitching temps in 25 min for 5 gal batches.long hosing.
  • Adjustable to any kettle size.
  • Very easy to setup.


Need a clamp for input fitting to connect hose.

This is the Best Immersion Wort Chiller available in the market.

Click here to read full specifications and Amazon user reviews.

B3-23A 30 Plate Wort Chiller

This B3-23A 30 Plate Beer Wort Chiller is made of stainless steel. It offers good common corrosion opposition to a selection of organic as well as in-organic liquids. It will have poor resistance in order to sulfuric as well as hydrochloric acids. Crevice deterioration may also happen when chlorides (salts) can be found in the liquid. Since chlorides are in natural sources of drinking water it is best to utilize distilled drinking water whenever possible.

This plate style wort chiller will last for 10-15 many years with normal tap water based on salt content material. With drinking water containing chlorides or sodium water, the life span expectancy from the heat exchanger is decreased to regarding 3-5 many years of continuous utilize, depending on the high quality of the drinking water.

It is better to thoroughly clean the models by back again flushing along with fresh water in case highly infected fluids are utilized.The size of this plate wort chiller is 5.3″ x 1.6″ and it weighs around 5-8 pounds and 0.05 m² total Surface Area. In our tests it cooled 5 gallons of wort from boiling to pitching temps less than 10 minutes. B3-23A 30 Plate type is the most efficient wort chiller which saves lot of your time.


  • Better than any immersion chillers.
  • More comfort to use.
  • No leakage.
  • Cools wort in 10 minutes.


  • Little costlier than immersion type chillers.

Click here to read full specifications and Amazon user reviews.

Super Efficient 3/8″ x 50′ Stainless Steel Wort Chiller

This is manufactured by NY Brew Supply and is top rated stainless wort chiller.This is highly recommended for those who want to chill 5 to 15 gallon batches of wort.This device offers faster cooling for bigger batches with two times actual Stainless steel tubes.It is designed from thin walls stainless tubes to provide much better heat removal.Coils could be elevated to improve the effectiveness of the chilling process.Due to Vinyl Tube length of 12 feet, 24″ of height and 9. 5″ diameter of coil you can chill wort from the stove.Stainless steel clamps solidify the actual structure, and permit for flexibility in the coils spacing.


  • Easy to clean.
  • Cools wort in 15-20 minutes.
  • Easy to install.


  • Smaller tube.
  • Need to buy extra hose clamp.

Click here to read full specifications and Amazon user reviews.

Super Efficient 25′ Counterflow Wort Chiller

This super efficient counterflow wort chiller is made in USA with very good quality, a strong metal fittings and stainless steel clamps.Outer coils are extremely durable and high temperature sustainable hose that will not get brittle over time.Its 3/8″ Copper tubes provides an very efficient transfer of temperature. Heavy duty brass metal fittings enable the option to change the position & place of the input and output tubes.

This more efficient counterflow chiller is perfect for both big and little batches. This wort chiller is made of 25 ft of 3/8″ copper tubes inside a extremely durable, warm hose.This is the Best counterflow Wort Chillers available in the market.


  • Suitable for small and larger batches.
  • Good quality materials.Chills wort in minutes.


  • More care to be taken to arrest leaks and kink.

Click here to read full specifications and Amazon user reviews.

HomeBrewStuff  Super Efficient 3/8″ x 25′

HomeBrewStuff  Super Efficient wort chiller maintains the coils elevated within the kettle wherever they are best. It decreases the chance associated with infection as well as exposure to the surroundings.Copper may be the material of preference for wort chillers. Therefore while we all like Stainless Steel, Copper mineral is obviously much more effective, and Wort chiller made from copper is better than stainless steel as I will impart know minerals within your beer which are beneficial to yeast.

This immersion chiller which is 25 ft length and 3/8″ best for 5 gallon batches. If you want go for larger batches then buy 50 ft model which can improve circulation rate and heat removal with less water usage. It has be sanitized after every use. It weighs 4 pounds and dimensions are 9 x 9 x 16 inches.


  • Extremely fast cooling.
  • Cost effective chiller
  • Easy to use


  • It works better with 5 gallon batches only.
  • Need to buy extra clamps to avoid leakage.

Click here to read full specifications and Amazon user reviews.

Things to consider while purchasing chiller for wort:

  • Chilling time.
  • Quantity of the wort to be cooled.
  • Durability of materials and package.
  • Cost
  • Reviews and Warranty.

How to choose best wort chillers for beer brewing?

There are 3 types of chillers for cooling wort in the market. You have to select the best wort chiller design which meets your needs.

  1. Immersion  wort chillers.
  2. Counter flow wort chillers.
  3. Plate wort chillers.

Tips to use wort chilling Efficiently:

  • Any newly bought wort chiller should be sanitized with hot water until chemical smell disappear before you start using.
  • You have use proper clamps at input and output hose tubes to arrest leaks.
  • Always clean immediately after usage to get more life.

Why wort chiller is needed for home beer brewery?

Wort is produced by mashing malted grain and then boiling hops within that combination to create a tasty extract. Actually producing wort is a change of insoluble compounds associated with malt as the result of enzymatic reactions. The chilling helps to lead entrapped wort particles in yeast sediment and to reduce the temperatures of oxygenated air.

Using ice baths in the sink can be a real hassle and also you need to collect good amount of ice to chill wort. It takes more than an hour to chill 5 gallons of boiling beer in the ice bath and also there exists risk of cross-contamination. Wort chiller brings down pitching temperature to yeast-friendly 70 F degrees less than half a hour if you use immersion chiller and 10 minutes for plate style wort chiller.

Final Recommendation:

We recommend you to buy plate or counterflow wort chillers. Out of this plate type wort chiller is the best because of rapid cooling with good durability. But if you are concerned about budget go for immersion style wort chiller. Do not forgot to read reviews by amazon users or Top selling wort chillers in Amazon. Check guide to brew beer at home without starter kit? Also check buying guide to choose top beer brewing kettle.