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A to Z Information about kegerators – An Ultimate guide

In this article we have covered every information about kegerators from point of view  of User  and Buyers. It contains Buyers guides of beer dispensers, honest reviews by consumers who are using from long time. You can check Amazon’s Best sellers in kegerator category.

What is a kegerator?

Kegerator is also called as beer dispenser which is used to dispense draft beer at home. Basically it stores craft beer in container called keg and dispenses pressurized cool beer with the help of Co2 gas and keeps beer taste for longer duration without losing quality or freshness. Read ​​Advantages of owning kegerator at home​​​.

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Importance of Kegerator

Kegerator helps you to store beer in keg, cools and dispenses pressurized cool beer with the help of CO2 gas. It is also known as beer dispenser which helps to keeps beer taste for longer duration without losing flavor or freshness. So, you should choose best kegerator for home with great specifications to enjoy fresh beer at home.

Do not forgot to see to list of cheap kegerators to buy which are available in market. We have provided detailed in-depth kegerator reviews of different brands like Edgestar beer dispenser, Kegco, nostalgia etc.

If you have limitation on budget but want to enjoy draft beer at home then check buyers guide in choosing the best mini kegerator.

There are number of good brands available in beer dispensers. If you are confused about choosing brand then check comparison table of edgestar vs kegco vs nostalgia vs Danby kegerators.

Read guide on choosing keg that fits in your kegerator as there are different sizes of kegs available in market and also you buy best cheap kegs near you.

You can also read article about different kegerator parts available which will help you to troubleshoot when there exists problem and also you can set optimal pressure and temperature settings to get ideal taste of beer.

You can brew beer at home with different flavors. To prepare you have to take necessary steps and careful at each stage. One of the stage is after preparation of wort, you have to chill boiling wort to yeast friendly temperatures immediately. For that you need the best wort chiller which can cool in minutes. Check article on how to brew homemade beer.  You have to clean kegerator beer lines frequently to avoid getting bad taste of beer from tubes.

If you drink Wine along with beer then you have to buy wine bottles in bulk and store them in the best wine cooler to maintain chilling temperature.

Types of Beer Keg dispensers

Before buying beer dispenser, you should know different types and sizes of beer keg refrigerator depends on your requirement and budget.

  1. Mini kegerators : These are good for storing beer with limited space and can be tapped two to four times.
  1. Full-size:These are good choice for home use with large party gatherings and it has a pressurized carbon dioxide (CO2) tank and coupler to dispense beer.
  1. Commercial: These are constructed to meet commercial quality standards.
  2. Free-standing Kegerators: are a very popular choice if you want a full-sized model. These units have casters so you can easily move it where you please. These hold half barrel (full-size), quarter barrel ( pony) or mini kegs (5-liter).
  3. Built-in Countertop Kegerators are also a popular choice if you want to integrate the unit into a professional looking home bar. However, these may be more expensive if you need to have it installed and you will not have the luxury of moving it to different rooms. 
  4. Outdoor: These are suitable for those want to keep beer frosty in rugged environments where temperatures are varying randomly like garages and basements.

Dual tap or three tap

If you want the option to dispense more than one kind of draft, you can buy models with double-tap or even triple-tap that will hold extra kegs. These come with a higher price range, but it is worth it for the added variety.

After reading, reviewing, and researching different kegerators on the market, I have found that the best kegerator out there is the one made by Edgestar. The amount of reviewers gives me comfort in knowing that there are others out there that are using their product.  The setup is easy and the price is also great! 

Buy new Beer dispenser or build a kegerator at home?

If you have patience and time to make your own beer keg dispenser from a fridge with DIY conversion kit then read How to build a kegerator from a mini fridge in this website. Some of the important items in conversion kit are listed below.

  1. ‘D’ System Keg Coupler
  2. Dual Gauge Regulator
  3. Chrome Beer Tower
  4. Chrome Beer Faucet
  5. 5 lb. Aluminum CO2 Tank
  6. Detailed instruction manual

If you don’t want to purchase a Kegerator you have the option of converting an old refrigerator into one if you purchase a Kegerator conversion kit. 

 Click here to check Kegco kegerator conversion kits which are readily available in Amazon.

Always conduct the following troubleshooting steps:
  1. Let the keg sit to allow time for cooling.
  2. Make sure the thermometer is working correctly and is properly calibrated.
  3. Double check the volume level on your carbonation for the beer.
  4. Place glass of water in unit with temp guage to verify temperature


Before buying kegs you have to check your kegerator manual which keg sizes are suitable for it.There are 4 types of kegs are available which are listed below.

1. Half Barrel Keg

2. Quarter Barrel or pony keg

3. Slim Quarter Keg

4. Mini Keg

Click here to check guide answering where to buy a keg near me? Also listed 5 cheap kegs in that article.

Overall though, using a beer dispensing Kegerator is a fantastic appliance to own that is sure to impress, save you money and trips to the dump getting rid of loads of cans and bottles.