[DIY] How to build a kegerator easily from scratch-best kegerator conversion kit to buy

It is always pleasure to taste freshly poured beer from a draft dispenser at bars and restaurants. There are many ready in-built kegerators in the market, but you have to pay around $$ to get the top rated kegerator. To make your own kegerator at home easily we have posted video guide and explained simple to follow process in this article.

When you have decided that building your own kegerator you have take nice decision. First you need to decide if you are going to purchase that parts separately, or if you are going to purchase a DIY pre-assembled conversion kit.  Click here to check top selling mini fridge for kegerator conversion on Amazon. Check Top rated kegerator conversion kits in Amazon. If your budget is low, then you can buy mini kegerator.

Important things to buy for kegerator conversion are:

1. Mini fridge

2. Conversion kit

3. Kegs

Read article explaining choosing cheap kegs available in market. Proper choice of these three items helps you to convert fridge to kegerator effectively and successfully.

1. How to choose Best mini fridge for kegerator conversion?

Try to choose a model with either no freezer compartment or with a freezer compartment that can be easily removed. Be sure to check cooling lines are not present in the freezer compartment as it cannot be removed from the freezer.

What size of refrigerator required?

This is very important step as it decides number of keg you can store in it. You can choose 4.4 to 5.1 foot capacity model depends on one or two kegs that can hold one-sixth of a barrel of beer. Also check best selling mini fridge’s for kegerator conversion in Amazon. Even though number of models of refrigerators available on market, this is the best compact fridge for kegerator conversion.

2. Best Kegerator Conversion Kit for mini fridge

Kegerator conversion kits are a simple way to transform a freezer or fridge into a kegerator that will pour you a perfect draft beer every time!  You can find an old fridge at an estate sale or an old one that you may have in your garage, and in a little bit of time you will be drinking draft beer!

Kegco is a great brand out there that has been making great kegerator conversion kits for years, and they have perfected the model to where installation is easy.  Their deluxe kit comes with everything you need to transform that old refrigerator into a beer cooling machine!  All you need is a drill, bit, saw, and wrench, and before you know it you will be in beer drinking heaven.

One of the added benefits of this conversion kit is it easy to put together.

—-Find More Information about Conversion Kits here—

Thankfully Kegco has included a drip tray to help with any mess.  Most of the reviewers have commented that this is an essential thing to have, and you do not want to miss this part of the product.  If you are like others that have bought this conversion kit then you will wish you would have converted sooner.  Why waste that old refrigerator when you can convert it today! Also, all the parts are commercial grade which will last for a lifetime.

In the box you you will receive the following:

  • 5 lb. Aluminum Co2 Tank
  • Double Gauge Co2 Regulator
  • American “D” System Sankey Lever Handle Coupler
  • 4-1/8″ Long Shank with Nipple Assembly / Chrome Plated Faucet with Brass Lever
  • 6″x4″ Stainless Steel Drip Tray with Back Spash (No Drain)

If you are not in the market to buy a kegerator, but you want to convert your refrigerator into a kegerator, then you can’t go wrong in purchasing Kegco’s conversion kit.  The price is incredible and the majority of the reviews are great.  So what are you waiting on?  Buy one today!

You can choose to have one or two dispensing taps (faucets) with serving tower and 2.5 to 5 pound CO2 tank with a regulator to adjust pressure of gas lines. It should include beer lines with one or two disconnects for home brew.

Note that American beer kegs uses a Sankey coupler, so most of the conversion kits in market comes with that.It could include NSF-approved lever handle system keg coupler with a sturdy nickel-plated forged brass body with a stainless steel probe. Be sure to check to have door mount stainless steel drip tray in kit with heavy duty faucet wrench for making repairs and adjustments during installation.

How to make a kegerator out of a mini fridge?

Before start to build your own kegerator, one should know required materials and tools to make this conversion easier with less time. If you decide that you wish to assemble your own from scratch then we offer a list of kegerator equipment that you will need to begin assembly. Check this article on comparison of kegerators with chart.

To begin the assembly of your kegerator you will first need to figure out where you want the faucet to be located. I recommend on the side, but many people like to have it on the door. Once you have decided where the faucet will be you need to drill your the hole.

build kegerator out of mini fridge from scratch

Things required to build a kegerator from a chest freezer:

Below is a list of the equipment that you will need to begin assembly of your kegerator.


faucet -This is the spout the beer comes out of

4″shank -this is the threaded tube that goes through the refrigerator door

tavern head -this is the piece that connects to the keg

-regulator – this piece has the gauges and connects to the CO2 tank

-CO2 tank

-3′ foot 3/16 inch beer hose

-3′ foot 5/16 inch CO2 hose

-2 157 clamps

-2 133 clamps

-1 plastic CO2 washer

-2 coupling washers

-appropriate drill bit

The above equipment can be purchased from any of your local beer distributors and can also be ordered from any of the major beer equipment manufacturers such as Perlick, Micro Matic, Banner, Foxx equipment company, and many others. There are also numerous web sites that offer these products. Along with this you can get Measuring tape, Hacksaw and a keg of your choice.

[DIY] how to build a kegerator easily from scratch


Important steps to Convert mini fridge to kegerator :

Check below video guide which will explain you each and every step for making your beer dispenser with fridge at home. Simple steps and easy explanation to finish it faster.

• Disassemble the Fridge by unscrewing all shelves with a screw driver

• Finalize the place to put tap and keep it as low as possible so that it will not obstruct when you open fridge door.

• Mark a spot with marker pen and make a hole with drilling machine to fix tap.

• Install the faucet to the shank and tight it slowly with wrench. Insert the shank into the PVC pipe and stick it with the shank nut.

• Push the beer hose onto the other end of the shank and fasten with a clamp. You will need to put the loose clamp onto the hose before attaching it to the shank.

• At the other side of the beer hose, insert a rubber washer into the nut and then screw the nut onto the top of the keg coupler.

• Fix the drip tray below the tap by maintaining foot distance with the help of screws into the door for the tray to hang on.

• Next step is connecting the Co2 Tank.Put in a clamp to the gas hose, then secure it to the thin end of the keg coupler and clamp it down.

• Then a clamp towards the other end, secure it to the slim end of the Carbon dioxide regulator and tighten up the clamp.

• Connect the end of the regulator with a nut onto it to the CO2 canister. Tighten it having a wrench.

• Be careful not to over-tighten it, because you will need to remove it in order to refill the cylinder.

• Place the coupler in to the keg with the manage pointing up.

• Turn the coupler till it stops. Take out the handle as well as push it straight down until it photos below the capture.

• Next open the actual regulator valve close to the hose on the measure by pointing this along the hose.

• Open up the valve on top of the tank.Change the regulator clockwise until the gauge reads around 10 psi.

• You may need to adjust this particular to get the right quantity of gas for each keg of beer.

• Within a double gauge regulator, the second gauge displays how much pressure is within the keg.

• It is going to drop as the light beer gets lower as well as help you predict whenever you will need a new keg.

Do not upset if you get first and second beer foamy as it is normal.By third beer you may get tasty beer with right pressure. Otherwise play with regulator until you get good beer.

Advantages to build a kegerator at home:

• If you are spending a lot of money for buying a fresh draft beer, then purchasing a draft beer dispenser is a good option. You can also check advantages of owning kegerator at home.

• It is cheaper to buy a kegged draft beer in bulk quantity and it can be better preserved in keg refrigerator for longer duration with craft beer taste.

• If you have budget constraint and cannot spend money to buy a ready made draft beer dispenser, then you can build a kegerator from a fridge by using kit.

• No need to worry about product warranties.

• People are happy to have a draft beer dispensing system at their home and like to enjoy a draft beer at house at their convenient days and times.

• Many home brewers have been modifying refrigerators, chest freezers and converting them into the home bar of their dreams. Also read How to Clean a Kegerator and beer lines at home Easily.

• It costs few hundred of dollars for buying materials like kegerator conversion kit, few hours of time, little hardwork and some basic Do It Yourself skills.

• Finally having a keg refrigerator ready made or home built saves a lot of money for draft beer lovers.


We hope this post helped you to make a kegerator using good mini fridge with less budget with DIY kegerator conversion kit.