Finding a New Kegerator Tower

If you are in the market for a new kegerator tower then I have found a few that you might be interested in.  You might be looking to make your single kegerator tower into a double or you might just need to replace your old one.  Either way you have come to the right place!  You know by now that a tower is essential to your beer drinking experience.  So as your beer drinking buddy…I implore you to get one of these towers today!

Finding The Right Kegerator Tower

The tower you see to your right is a beautiful single tap tower with a nice chrome finish.  It comes with 4 feet of beer line, and has a matching chrome plated faucet.  The tower is pretty standard, but holds up well.

Bottom line…it does what it is supposed to do.  The reviews are wonderful and have good ratings.  Most buyers mention how easy it is to install, easy to mount on a bar, and majority of customers are very pleased with the price!  You can’t beat this price anywhere else on the internet.

If I was in the market for a single tower then this would definitely be the one that I would buy.

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The Best Double Tap Tower

If your tower needs to be replaced on your kegerator then you might as well get a double tower! There really isn’t a need in keeping the tower you have a single when you can the convenience of a double for entertaining lots of guests.  This tower has a beautiful stainless steel body that is dependable, and comes with 4 feet of line.

Another wonderful feature is that it is made by kegco. Kegco makes some of the highest quality kegerator supplies on the market today.  You can’t go wrong with anything kegco makes.

This is a polished stainless steel single column with double faucet and three inch Diameter draft tower. This Tower comes complete with two chrome-plated beer faucets and two separate 5″ Lengths of 3/16″ Clear beer tubing with nozzle and hex nut assemblies. It will connect to all type of standard keg couplers. The weight and dimensions are  4.45 pounds and 14 x 5.2 x 6.2 inches.

kegco double tap tower

Watch below video to know types of beer towers.

Like the previous tower, this one really holds up well to criticism. Everyone comments on the quality of this tower.  One reviewer event mentioned:

“There really is no comparison between standard taps and these kegco. NO… I repeat NO sticking whatsoever. Better pours. Smooth operation.”

Do yourself a favor, and get a tower today.  You don’t want to go without your draft beer!  And if you need a tower you might as well swing for the double tap tower!

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