How to Clean a Kegerator and beer lines at home Easily?

To clean kegerator and beer lines easily and to drink pure aroma of beer it is recommended to have a cleaning kit. Do you have kegerator cleaning materials?  Don’t have Kegerator cleaning kit, then do not worry get this cleaning liquid from amazon and clean all beer lines and other equipment by soaking, rinsing ad cleaning. But it is recommended to buy kegerator cleaning kit and stick with what the industry recommends for efficient cleaning by investing in the right equipment & cleaner and enjoy tasty beer.

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Kegerator cleaning kit – which is best?

Some of cleaning kits are shown here.

How to clean a kegerator?

The easiest way that I have found to clean out your kegerator is by purchasing a cleaning kit from a local distributor or from somewhere on the web. the best way is the steel keg cleaning container. this is a large can the you fill with water and cleaning solution that has the same type of connection as a keg. all you do is fill, hook it up and let the CO2 push the cleaner out.

Another way that is a lot cheaper that I personally use is the pump method. I have a small sump pump that I have connected hose to with a faucet adapter on the end. I fill a cleaning solution bucket and let the pump push the water on through. Some companies make hand pumps that work just the same.

When choosing a cleaning solution there are a lot of different things to keep in mind. You first want to find a solution that is going to get the lines clean. For that reason I tend to shy away from the the non rinse solutions. I don’t feel like they are strong enough to really get the job done. You also want to make sure the once you have rinsed the lines that you have gotten all the cleaning adjuncts out. You could really hurt someone if they drink that stuff.

I personally use two different types of solution. The first is called Penetrate. It is really strong and is used mostly for the long draws that you find in bars. The second is AB 401. This is also really strong and is color coded so that you know theres none left when you are done cleaning.

‘Complete video guide to Clean a Kegerator at home very easily.Follow these Simple steps and have a fresh draft beer at home.

Removing Beer Faucet

In general thumb rule of any screw of appliance is we have to rotate in right side for tightening and for loosing rotate left side. Here it is the exact opposite on kegerators, that is lefty-tighty, righty-loosey. Next take the faucet wrench and put it in the holes and take it off just shown in image and video. Once it is loose, you can remove it with your hands.

Making ready of Keg Coupler

Next, you have to take off keg coupler inside the kegerator and make sure you have the ball pin and put it into where the keg is tapped by the coupler.

Prepare Beer Line Cleaner

Next take tablespoon of beer line cleaner for every gallon of water and mix it properly to make sure you get the right amount of solution. Then mix up the solution with hot water and scalding hot so that the solution works perfectly.

Cleaning of Beer lines

There are several methods for cleaning of beer lines which are given below. You can choose whichever is easy for you.

1. Hand pump cleaning kits

2. Pressurized cleaning kits

3. Re-circulating cleaning pumps

whatever cleaning method you use, be sure to soak faucet and the keg coupler in a mixture of water and cleaning chemicals. After some time scrub them with a cleaning brush, rinse them and clean with water. Follow the steps in order to clean beer lines that are Flush, Rinse and clean Beer Line.

How to Clean a Kegerator and beer lines

Reassemble Your Kegerator

Follow the procedure given in the video and start reassemble your Kegerator. What you need to do is actually make sure this particular hole is actually lined up to look right here, therefore you press it all the way in which through such as so as well as you can view the hole correct in there. After which, you will make handle as well as stick which piece in to the hole putting just inside. Make sure the actual white cleaner goes down such as so , accompanied by the dark washer.

Next you will mess the manage on to the tap itself. Be sure to not tighten up it all the way in which because you would like manage to be a small loose whenever you pour the actual beer. After that screw the 2nd part upon and make certain also this can be a little reduce.

Not as well loose, however, not too restricted either. After which the faucet handle, in addition to your tap. So when you are ready to place all of the add-ons back upon you want to make certain the container and hose pipe are taken off the light beer tower. After which also ensure that the ball pin has gone out of the coupler. And you are ready to put together it back again together.

Whenever you put the tap back upon make sure that lefty is tighty – keep in mind that. Then make faucet wrench and make certain you tighten up it upon correctly. That you can do this one associated with two methods: you can possibly put the tap at an angle to get an even put or you can place it up the conventional way, simply straight up. You would like to make sure it is tightened, therefore the beer does not come out.

After establishing of kegerator at home for dispensing beer, it is recommended to clean beer lines after every keg and other accessories like Beer Faucet, Keg Coupler etc. Consider reading post of where to buy kegs near me which explains everything about Top 5 cheap kegs.

Read comparison between Kegco vs Edgestar vs nostalgia to get complete idea about features of each beer dispenser. Do not forgot to check reviews of best beer dispenser here. Read the reviews of edgestar KC2000 kegerator available in the market.

How to clean keg lines without kit ?

Soak everything in hot water, scrub the faucet and flush with hot water through the beer line and completely disassemble the tap handle assembly and complete the cleaning. One more solution is put some bleach with hot water and just let the lines, faucet, and coupler soak sometime. Rinse them well and that should be sufficient. Check review of kegco K309SS-kegerator. You can also try distilled vinegar or chlorine, but it is always recommended to go for industry standard kegerator cleaning kit and cleaned properly to enjoy home brew beer taste.

How long does it take to clean beer lines?

Cleaning beer lines takes 1 hour to 2 hours depends on speed and knowledge of cleaning all equipment.As it include disassembling and reassembling all accessories of kegerator, plan this activity during weekends.

Why do Beer dispensing lines have to be cleaned?

It is important to clean beer lines, otherwise it may lead to bad beer taste. And also beer residue will be left in beer lines, leads to wastage of beer and sometimes it will block beer lines. To have long life of kegerator and kill most bacteria, you have to clean or do maintenance frequently. Read guide to build a kegerator from mini fridge at home.

How often should we clean dispensing beer lines?

In commercial environments like Pubs, cleaning should be performed at least once in fifteen days or three times in a month. At homes as beer line will be shorter and beer may not cycle much in lines, it is suggested to clean lines every time you switch out a keg or every 5 weeks, whichever is shorter. Do not miss to read benefits of owning a beer dispenser.

To have great tasting beer, we have posted video guide for cleaning the faucet area to the beer line that runs all the way down into your kegerator. We have listed the accessories of kegerator you will have to clean. First of all, get the instruction booklet and glance it so that you will have some knowledge what are you going to do.Now we are going to show you procedure to remove the faucet so that you can easily clean your kegerator. Clean each and every parts of kegerator to obtain best performance with perfect taste.

Finally you can enjoy a cleaned kegerator of fresh draft beer at home. You have learnt in the post how to clean a kegerator at home easily. If you have queries please contact us.’, ‘How to Clean a Kegerator and beer lines at home Easily?’, ‘