Keg sizes & prices – Where to Buy kegs near me?

Having a kegerator at home gives convenience to enjoy craft beers. This article gives you insights about different beer keg dimensions and their prices with comparison chart. If you are not satisfied with existing beer Kegs size, then you need to upgrade with higher capacity. This guide answers common question of where to buy a keg near me? and we have picked 5 best cheap Kegs for kegerator to store beer. Check Amazon Best sellers in Kegs with ratings and reviews.

We also mentioned cost of keg of bud light, corona, budweiser, miller lite full size, pony, quarter and half size kegs below. Click here to read review of kegerator with user ratings, Pros and Cons.

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Beer Keg dimensions

Check below comparison chart containing standard keg dimensions of half, pony, quarter and mini types. Also check cost of each type of keg and choose which suits your requirement.

Keg sizes chart

What are the different keg sizes ?

Scroll below to read dimensions of different types of kegs available in market. Check keg parts available in market.

Quick Facts

  • 1/2 keg: Holds 15.5 gallons, which is 7 cases of beer
  • 1/4 keg: Holds 7.75 gallons, which is 3 1/2 cases of beer
  • Beer ball: Holds 5 gallons of beer, which is equal to 2 1/4 cases of beer.

Keg sizes-prices

Half Keg dimensions

These are also called full Size Keg and they are 16 inches diameter and 23 inches tall. You can keep half barrel kegs in Full-size kegerators as they are designed to hold them. You can read Kegco review of K309ss-2 brand if you are planning to buy beer dispenser. Read best edgestar kegerator of KC2000 model here. Check Edgestar KC2000 model review.

Quarter Barrel or Pony Keg size

Quarter keg is also called as a pony keg which can store half the capacity of a standard full size keg. Pony keg dimensions are 16 inches in diameter, 13 inches tall.

Slim Quarter Barrel Keg

Slim Quarter Barrel is also known as a tall quarter and it can hold the same amount of beer as the quarter keg, but has a different shape. It is taller and slimmer than the quarter barrel with 23 inches tall and 11 inches in diameter dimensions.

Cornelius kegs

Cornelius kegs can store 42 pints of beer and check whether they will into your beer dispenser or not. The dimensions are 23 inches in height and 9 inches in width.

Smaller sixth barrel kegs

Smaller sixth barrel kegs can store 42 pints of beer and check whether they will into your beer dispenser or not. They are 23 height and 9 width in size.

Mini Keg dimensions

A mini keg is also called five litre keg and it is smaller version of beer kegs which is mainly used for retail sales. The mini keg size is 10 inches tall, 6.75 inches in diameter. Also note that mini kegs should be recycled instead of cleaning and refilling which will be done with larger kegs. Do not forgot to check cheap kegs above.

Beer keg prices

The price of keg depends on size of it. Bigger the size, more costlier the keg. You have to choose the keg based on how much size your kegerator fits into or depends on the quantity of beer you want for parties. The price ranges of good brands of keg from $$ to $$$.

5 Cheap and best Kegs

Check below best and inexpensive kegs are available for you to purchase without burden on your budget. If you want to buy cheap kegs for beer check the list below.

Check Full keg prices below.

Cost of half barrel shown below.

How much is a keg of bud light?

Cost of keg of bud light varies with size of tap handle. Check below for price of bud light with image.

How much is a keg of corona?

Cost of keg of corona varies with size of tap handle. Check below for price of corona.

5L Mini Keg with Ball Lock Tapping System

Click here to check Top mini kegerator reviews and their ratings. Read Edgestar vs Kegco vs Nostalgia vs Danby Kegerators Comparison chart.Watch a video guide about ”How to build a kegerator from a fridge with DIY conversion kit?

Where can i buy a keg of beer near me?

We used to hear this question in number of forums and websites. It is difficult to buy best beer kegs for affordable price as number of models and brands are there in market. We made this thing simpler by listing cheap beer kegs with their prices and locations to purchase beer keg.You can buy inexpensive kegs at, or any other local Beer shopping center. Complete tutorial about ”How to Clean a Kegerator and beer lines at home Easily?” Check genuine review of nostalgia KRS2100 kegerator by customer who used for 1 year.

Where to buy a keg tap?

You can buy it in amazon.Check the links above to buy keg tap. Check best outdoor kegerator review guide with rating and price. We will explain everything about different Kegs capacity and how many gallons in a keg of beer for each size.

Final Thoughts:

Finally we expect this article clarifies yours question where to buy a keg near me?We suggest you to purchase the best cheap kegs for storing beer from online stores like Amazon. Click here to check Amazons best selling Kegs with reviews and rating. We hope this guide helped you to purchase cheap beer kegs near you and learn about different Keg sizes and prices.