Best Dual Tap Kegerator Review

A dual tap kegerator is a great option for those beer drinkers that need an extra pour or want the two keg option for their party, man cave, or just extra options.  Edgestar has become one of my favorite kegerator brands, and they have manufactured a great kegerator with 2 taps.  It is a great buy and would be a great addition to your home.

Dual Tap Kegerator – Edgestar

If you think you will benefit from having a kegerator with two taps then you can’t go wrong with this two tap kegerator made by Edgestar.  Their kegerators are known for quality and acute attention to details.  With this kegerator you will have the assurance of having a cold draft beer with the convenience of a double tap.


Edgestar Double Tap Kegerator Features

There are a lot of great features to this kegerator.  I’ve been very impressed with the excellence this product has to offer.  Here are some of the best features it has:

  • Extreme Cold! – Edgestar makes the coldest temperature kegerators on the market.  This kegerator will reach the low 30’s giving you an extremely cold beer!  It also has an adjustable thermostat leaving you in complete control of the cold factor.
  • Easy Installation – Many of the reviewers have commented on how easy this kegerator is to set-up.
  • Insulated Tower – There is added insulation in the beer lines giving a consistent temperature to the beer lines which leaves you with less foam.
  • Commercial Components – This kegerator is shipped with everything you need to tap a keg and start drinking.  All the parts are of the highest commercial grade.

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As you can see this is a great product and would be awesome to have in your home.  Of course one of the best things this kegerator has to offer is a double faucet.  What a cool feeling knowing that you can have two different beers on tap at the same time!  This is perfect for football games, fathers day, parties, just about any occasion!

What about the reviews?  Thankfully, this kegerator stands the test of criticism   It comes in at good star rating.  One reviewer wrote: “Update two years later: I still LOVE my EdgeStar Kegerator. It still keeps my beer ice cold.”

TWO YEARS LATER! I think that about says it all for quality.  What about price?  Another great question.  For about $50 more you can have a double faucet kegerator.  Edgestar makes high quality products at an affordable price, so I think the price is very reasonable, especially since they use commercial grade parts.

If you are interested you can’t go wrong with this kegerator.  You won’t be dissapointed with this purchase!  Click below and buy yours today.