Best Undercounter Kegerator Review

We all love cold beer!  And I especially love cold draft beer.  I started to investigate different kinds of kegerators a few years ago and I stumbled upon one that I wanted to share with you.  There are endless amounts of kegerators on the market and I was able to find a great undercounter kegerator!  An undercounter kegerator is a great option for those who don’t want a free standing kegerator in their house or man cave.

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 Undercounter Kegerator

The main advantage of Undercounter Kegerator is that it can be built into cabinetry to provide a seamless look in your kitchen or home bar.


The appliance company Summit has created a great kegerator that I think you are going to want to check out. Summit created this kegerator to be used for built-in use under counters.  The SBC695OSTWIN can be installed in 24 in. spaces. It can also be used freestanding and ships with sturdy casters that you can install if you want to use the SBC695OSTWIN as a portable beer cooler.  It weighs 150 lbs. and is 34.5″ tall, 23.75″ wide, and 24.5″ depth.

Undercounter Kegerator Review

Summit undercounter kegerators are best as it has tons of features that will make your drinking experience all the better.  Read complete undercounter kegerator review below. Here are a few of the cool things I think this kegerator does:

    • Holds any size keg – It has a large enough interior that can hold full, half, quarter, and small kegs.
    • Adjustable Thermostat and Automatic Defrost – many other kegerators come with one temperature and do not defrost.  The adjustable thermostat and auto defrost is a huge benefit.
    • Casters Included – Yes this kegerator is to be used under the counter, but it comes with casters so it can be free-standing.  More options = better product!
    • Built-in – This kegerator can built for a seamlessl look under a counter!  Will give you a flush look.
    • Panels – You can easily slide custom panels on the door so you can get a consistent look with the rest of your cabinets.
    • Refrigerator Conversion – can be converted to a refrigerator with shelves that are adjustable.

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Summit has really done a great job at creating a versatile kegerator that can be used in a variety of ways.  They have also created a quality product that will get the job done and give you a cold beer every time.  If you are in the market for a kegerator that you can install under your counter then I think you should consider Summit for your purchase.

Summit has a reputation for making great appliances and they have done this with the SBC695OSTWIN.  Get one today!