The Best Outdoor Kegerator

If you are entertaining and partying with friends outside then one of the best things you can purchase is an outdoor kegerator.  Being able to keep your keg cold outside is a great convenience for you and your guests.  Let’s face it, enjoying a cold draft beer outside is an awesome fulfilling experience.  Truthfully, the only way you can do it effectively is by buying a kegerator that you can use outdoors.  After doing a little research I have found an outdoor kegerator that I think you are going to love and maybe even purchase.  Let me tell you more about it.

Outdoor Kegerator – The Best on The Market!

Edgestar is one of the best manufacturers of kegerators.  They do a great job at creating quality prodcuts at a great price, and the KC7000SS TWIN, their outdoor model is no exception.  Here are a few things that I really love about this kegerator:

Best outdoor double tap kegerator

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  • Outdoor use – As mentioned, this kegerator is approved to be used outdoors by the manufacturer.  It can withstand being exposed to the outdoors because it is encased in stainless steel.
  • Forced Air – This unit is equipped with forced air refrigeration.  You will be happy to know that cold air is distributed throughout the kegerator evenly.  That means there are no spots in the kegerator that are warm, which will give you a perfect pour every time.
  • Thermostat – Not all kegerators have a thermostat that is adjustable, but this model does. The temperature can range from 32-60 degrees!  Can you say cold beer???!!!!
  • Great Accesories – (1) 5 lb. Luxfer CO2 tank, (1) dual-gauge regulator, (2) D Sankey couplers, (2) NSF PVC beer lines, (2) red CO2 lines, (1) stainless steel dual tap beer tower, (2) 304 stainless steel faucets, & (2) black tap handles.
  • Capacity – This kegerator has the capacity to hold many different sizes of kegerators: from full-size to cornelius you will have the space you need to hold a variety of sizes!
  • Dual Tap – Another great benefit is this kegerator has a dual tap!  So while you are outside with your friends there won’t be a line for beer.

If you are shopping for an outdoor kegerator then I think you would be pleased with this one made by Edgestar.  Edgestar is known for quality products and they have gone over the top in creating this one.  If you place your order you will be in beer drinking heaven in the great outdoors in no time!

After looking around the internet I can also confirm that has the best price for this kegerator.  I have seen it cost $$$ more on other websites.  So if you are going to make a purchase make sure you click below and get it soon.  Happy drinking!

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